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HONEY BEES: Keeping the Hive Alive



Animated Adventure Clip: 

JP Rothbone and his Sniveling Cronies have decided to capitalize on the mysterious disappearance of honey bees by selling their newest product, the Pollinator - a poor substitute for the work honey bees do to pollinate one third of the food we eat everyday. The Boneheads know it's best to do all we can to attract our natural pollinating friends, the honey bees, back to our farms, yards and gardens. True to his bungling nature, Bonehead sets off on a mixed up adventure to terminate the Pollinator.

Educational Documentary: 

The educational documentary portion of this episode explores the life of honey bees inside the hive, and introduces the three different types of bees in each hive: the female workers, the male drones, and the queen. Students also learn about the vitally important role honey bees play in our agricultural system. Honey bees are responsible for pollinating one third of the food we eat everyday. Amazing closeup video and photography shows these busy creatures at work in the hive, and in the fields. But now honey bees are mysteriously disappearing all over the United States and scientists don't know why, or where they are going.


In this educational documentary segment, WPBh News followed along with beekeeper Mr. Biggerstaff, as he made his early morning rounds to all his hives collecting honey. We then followed him back to his workshop, where he showed us the process of getting honey from the hives to the jars.

“You Have the Power!” Song: 

This fun song shows kids how they can make a difference right now, at home or at school, by planting a garden to attract honey bees.