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BATS: Holy Bat Swarm! It's Halloween!



Animated Adventure Clip: 

The Boneheads have gathered at the haunted Bone Manor to go trick or treating. But first they have to stop JP Rothbone & his Sniveling Cronies in their latest diabolical scheme: they want to exterminate the bats! Deep below the mansion, in the hidden bat cave, JP and his cronies have created a machine that will disrupt the bats’ echolocation, trapping them inside the cave forever! With no bats, there will be a plague of mosquitoes, and Rothbone can expect an increase in sales of his faulty bug zappers.

Can the dynamic duo, Bonehead and T-Bone, stop JP, rescue the bats, and still have time to go trick or treating?

Educational Documentary: 

Kids learn all about bats: What makes bats mammals? How are they classified? Are they more closely related to humans, or to mice? How are they different from birds? Why are they so important to ecosystems, rainforests, and humans? Are bats really rabies-infested vampires? How are scientists using what they learn about bats to help advance human medical research?


The "Newsflash" explains the amazing way bats find their way in the dark using a behavioral adaptation called "echolocation". Bats send out a high pitched scream that bounces off objects as big as trees and as small as insects. The scream echoes back into their ears, and is processed in their brain to create a detailed mental image of their surrounding environment. The echolocation sounds are too high pitched for human ears, but bats have a physical adaptation - a special ear flap - to protect their hearing.

“You Have the Power!” Song: 

The "You Have the Power!" song explain the amazing way bats find their way in the dark using a behavioral adaptation called "echolocation", and further explains how kids have the power to help bats at home and at school by leaving them alone. Bats are not pets, and should never be handled - except by trained wildlife specialists like the folks at Bat World Sanctuary.