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The Philosophy Behind Planet Bonehead

When we came up with the concept of this TV show, the first thing we agreed upon was that it would not promote the same “doom and gloom” atmosphere that is typically associated with discussions about the environment. Global warming, species extinction, ecosystem destruction, natural resource depletion - these are all heavy topics that many adults have a difficult time discussing. So how do you present them to children?

Being parents ourselves, we knew firsthand how intuitive our own children are, and that if presented in a fun, upbeat fashion, kids can tackle just about any subject with wisdom and contagious optimism. While their grown-ups run around fighting with each other over why we can’t do this and can’t fix that, kids approach everything with a “can do” attitude.

Luckily for the planet, they just don’t know any better.

Planet Bonehead combines a handful of ingredients to create a presentation that kids, parents and teachers around the country are embracing. We present real environmental issues and explain how they affect humans on a local, national and global scale. We showcase real life heroes of all ages who are making headway on resolving these issues. We create a fun, entertaining atmosphere with our own lovable, calciferous characters. And most importantly, we offer kids ideas for things they can do at home and school to make a real difference right now.

Our philosophy is that by empowering kids, we are setting them up for success. An empowered mind sees solutions. An empowered child sees a bright future for himself or herself, and for the world at large.

Planet Bonehead introduces children to relevant environmental issues, and explains why these issues are important to humans. Two recent examples are honey bees and sea turtles. The mysterious disappearance of honey bees throughout the United States is having a huge impact on our agricultural system (honey bees are responsible for pollinating one third of the food we eat). The effects of global warming and pollution on sea turtles indigenous to the Southeastern United States is affecting our entire ocean ecosystem. Sea turtles are a “key stone” species, vital to the health and balance of our planet’s oceans.

The question that parents and educators should be asking is not “should we discuss the environment with our kids?” but rather “how do we discuss it it?” At Planet Bonehead, we have found that by showing kids the wonder of Planet Earth, they immediately “get” why it’s important, and that it’s worth saving. By showcasing real scientists and non-profit volunteers working to solve current issues, kids have something to aspire to and admire. And by offering examples of activities they can do right now, kids feel like they are part of the solution.

Empowering kids and making them feel vital and valuable is a good idea in any subject. Doing so for our planet ensures that future generations are led by master environmental stewards. Isn’t that something we can all get behind? After all, it’s your planet too!