Teacher Learning Center

It's never been a tougher time to be a teacher. Changing standards, new testing systems, and barely enough time to, you know, teach! We get it.

We developed our Planet Bonehead TV Series to give you a fun, engaging, and entertaining way to teach your K-5 students about science, the environment, wildlife, and conservation.

But teachers need more!

Our Educator Resource Kits (ERk) are now free to teachers everywhere. Use this form to gain instant access, or use the form at the bottom of every page throughout this web site. They're chock full of activities and lessons you can use in your classroom today, with or without our TV Series episodes.

But teachers need more!

That's why we created the Teacher Learning Center (TLc). It's our new, ever-growing, and free book for teachers everywhere. We've compiled all the activities from all our episodes; a collection of Literature Connections, author interviews, and other educational resources to accompany each episode; an assortment of informative articles about the new standards, curriculi, and input from educators like yourself. This constantly updated resource will save you hours of internet searching time so that you can spend more of your time in the classroom with your students.

And it's all free.