Recycling! Recycling! Music Video

Recycling is a top environmental issue for kids. They can choose to recycle every single day. And what do elephants have to do with recycling? Watch this fun kids music video to find out.

Plastic, aluminum cans, glass, paper and cardboard can all be recycled at home or at school kids, and doing so makes a huge difference.

In a lifetime, the average American throws out 90,000 pounds of garbage. That's like throwing away 30,000 elephants!!


Recycling! Recycling!
It's something that we all ought to do
We have the power to reduce and reuse

Well if you're finished with that bottle
Don't throw it away
We'll find a way to reuse it
On some other day
Boxes, cans, and your old mail too
But you can't recycle spaghetti

No! Paper!
We can use it again
We can use it again!
We can use it again!
But don't you forget about glass

Well we can make new bottles
We can reuse the cans
We can make new stuff
With the trash in your hands
Plastic, glass, and cardboard too
But you can't recycle spaghetti!

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