KIDS ASK: If Bats Fly, Aren't They Birds?

Bats, unlike birds, belong to the animal kingdom order, Chiroptera, which is the Greek word for hand-wing. Their wings are actually their hands covered by a double layer of so strong it can stretch to 4 times its length without tearing!

Birds do not have long finger-like bones in their wings like bats. A bird's wings have lots of feathers, while a bat's wings are mostly a stretchy, thin skin called a patagium. This thin skin stretches between each finger bone, connects to the bat's ankle, and to the bat's tail (if it has one). 

The rest of a bat’s body is covered by fur, not feathers like a bird’s. And a bat gives birth to live young whereas a bird lays eggs. Baby birds are also fed from the parents’ mouths while a mama bat nurses her young pups. Therefore, although a bat can fly, and fly very well,  a bat is not classified as a bird.
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