KIDS ASK: Do Bats Always Roost Together?

Some bat species live in colonies and roost together, but others, like this hoary bat, prefer to live solitary lives--that is by themselves. Solitary bats are rarely seen by humans during the day-- they stay well hidden in trees or under leaves or even in the crevices of rocks.

Other bats, like the Mexican free-tailed bat roost in huge colonies in caves, buildings, even under bridges. The largest known colony of free-tailed bats is found at Bracken Cave, north of San Antonio, Texas. This colony has nearly 20 million bats!

Wow! Can you imagine all of those free-tailed bats flying out of the cave to feast on flying insects!!! Move over mosquitoes! 

Just in time for Halloween!  The all new “Holy Bat Swarm! It's Halloween!” episode. Students learn about the behavioral and physical adaptations of bats and why bats are most active at night--that is--nocturnal!