Raiders of the Lost Honey Bee Hive

In this parody of the Indiana Jones movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark", JP Rothbone comes up with a new sinister plan! Capitalizing on the recent, mysterious disappearance of honey bees across America, he creates a new Pollinating Robot. He believes that farmers and gardeners will be forced to buy his new product to make up for the loss of the honey bees. Honey bees are responsible for pollinating 1/3 of the food we eat, so those crops will need to be pollinated somehow.

But the Boneheads know it's better to come up with ways to save the honey bees, and attract new bees back to our farms and gardens.

Bonehead's mission is to seek and destroy the sole prototype for JP's new monstrous invention. But as usual, his vision of fame and recognition gets in the way of his understanding the mission. Luckily, T-Bone and Wishbone are with him to set him straight and help him save the day.

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