Mission: Recyclable

In this double parody of Mission:Impossible and Get Smart, JP Rothbone comes up with a knuckleheaded scheme to drive more business to his traditional landfill by sabotaging the new modern recycling center that opened next door. JP and his Sniveling Cronies are going to shut down the recycling center by "gunking up" the machines using a new sticky resin they developed - The old Sabotage the Recycling Center with the Gunk trick.

The Boneheads are tipped off by an anonymous call to Bonehead's shoe phone. Bonehead's mission, if he chooses to accept it, is to stop JP from destroying the recycling center, and keep the recyclables moving.

Of course, Bonehead gets a little distracted as usual with visions of fame and glory. Luckily he has T-Bone and Wishbone there to back him up.

Hurry up and watch, because this video will self destruct in 5 seconds!

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