H-2-Oh No! It's Castaway Island!

In this double spoof of Tom Hanks' "Castaway" and "Gilligan's Island", our heroes the Boneheads find themselves shipwrecked on a deserted tropical island. Also stranded on the island are JP Rothbone and his Sniveling Cronies. JP has come up with a diabolical scheme to pollute ALL of the world's drinking water, so there would be a global need for his new portable water purifiers.

Armed only with a fishing spear and his new volleyball friend "William", Bonehead dreams of setting off on his own to stop JP from polluting Earth's drinking water. But he doesn't quite get his chance.

Upon arrival to the island, a coconut falls on T-Bone's head, and our typically naive friend becomes super smart - even "Professor"-like. Luckily for everyone, he's temporarily smart enough to foil JP's sinister plans, and help the Boneheads escape from the island and get back home.

Of course, as usual, and much to Bonehead's dismay, T-Bone gets all the credit and fame for saving the day.

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