The Cannonbone Run - Race for Renewable Energy

The Boneheads have to stop JP Rothbone from tricking the world into believing that his dirty auto fuel is green and renewable. The Cannonbone Run - the Race for renewable Energy - is on, and the whole world is watching to see which renewable fuel is the best: biodiesel, ethanol, electric, solar, or JP's fake green fuel, "Rothanol".

JP will stop at nothing to win the race, by cheating every step of the way. He and his crony Dumb Dog get into some looney shenanigans trying to paint the road into a boulder, and catapulting rocks at the other drivers.

When that fails, he resorts to abducting Wishbone, forcing Bonehead to choose between carrying out his mission, or saving his friend.

Kids will have fun learning quite a bit about the alternatives we have today to traditional gasoline powered vehicles.

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