Bird Trek - The Wrath of Falcon

In this parody of STAR TREK, Captain Bonehead and his crew are on board their ship, the VERTIBRISE, when they get an anonymous hail telling them that JP Rothbone and his Sniveling Cronies have captured all the birds of prey in the area. With no birds of prey around, rats and other rodents will run rampant, and farmers everywhere will need to buy JP's questionable rat traps to protect their crops.

To make matters worse, JP's ship is cloaked - or invisible - and the birds of prey are in an invisible cage somewhere in the land below the ships.

The Boneheads beam down and search for the missing birds. But JP's ship attacks the VERTIBRISE, disabling their transporters, and stranding Bonehead and his landing party in the field below.

Can the Boneheads repair their ship, find the birds of prey, and free them from their invisible cages in time?

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