Back to the Gator - Bonehead Saves the Alligators

In this parody of "Back to the Future" and "Happy Days", the Boneheads go back in time to 1955 and meet Pa Fossil when he was a young high school kid named Potsy Fossil. Potsy is being bullied at school by a young JP Rothbone and his crony Pug Thug. JP wants Potsy to help them catch alligators so they can start a new business selling alligator handbags, shoes, and luggage.

By going back in time, Bonehead and his team accidentally upset the natural flow of past events, and it looks like Potsy is going to give in to the bullies, and never grow up to found HOPE Headquarters.

Bonehead and Marrow also realize that alligators in their future will become extinct if JP gets his way. They need to race against time itself to keep Potsy from joining JP's gang, save all the alligators, and get themselves back to the future!

This episode discusses the importance of alligators in our ecosystems. It also shows how anyone, even our heroes like Bonehead and Pa Fossil, can be victimized by bullies, and how much it can hurt kids emotionally.

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