About Planet Bonehead: Meet the Real Boneheads

Our mission is simple:

To entertain and inspire a new generation of environmentalists to become master stewards of our one and only planet Earth.


Planet Bonehead (PBh) and its characters were conceived and created by Bobby Donohue and Dan Roeper, two friends with a deep concern for the condition of the planet and the future it holds for their children.

Dan’s sister Patti Romano came on board in 2007 to serve as PBh’s main educational researcher and writer. Together the threesome produced a series of environmental/wildlife documentaries. These were highly respected by the environmental community, and have been used in classrooms and exhibits worldwide by such notable organizations as Amphibian Ark, Sao Paola Zoo in Brazil, and the International Primate Protection League.

Today, Bobby and Patti have developed a unique video series designed for use in the classroom and at home. Each animated adventure and music video explores a different environmental issue or facet of our planet and its wildlife. Our show helps kids connect the dots and understand how different ecosystems across the globe are interdependent on each other. And how we as humans are all connected to everything in nature.


Patti Romano

Director of Educational Programming

Patti Romano

Patti is an avid wildlife supporter and conservationist. She teaches her two sons and others that “Together we can do so much.” She volunteers on the Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol, Painted Bunting Observation Team, and the SC Aquarium as a teaching assistant. With unmatchable eco-enthusiasm, a passion for writing, and a determination to educate, Patti is the heart and soul behind our mission and our educational segments.


Bobby Donohue

Creative Director

Bobby Donohue

Bobby is an artist and musician who wanted to spend his time using his talents to make the world a little bit better, all while doing what he loves. So he spends his days drawing boneheads! Drawing on 15 years of experience in brand image development, character development, and music, Bobby is the visionary creative engine behind the look and sound of Planet Bonehead. Bobby's creativity also has outlets in his branding & design studio Fuelblue, and his music project 1 Man's Angst.